AKVH 10 Electric expansion valves, for high-pressure refrigerants

AKVH are electric expansion valves designed for refrigerating plants using R744 refrigerant.
The AKVH valves are normally controlled by a controller from Danfoss’ range of ADAP-KOOL® controllers.
The AKVH valves are supplied as a component programme, as follows:
Separate valve.
Separate coil with terminal box or cable.
Spare parts such as upper part, orifice and filter.
The individual capacities are indicated with a number forming part of the type designation.
The number represents the size of the orifice of the valve in question. A valve with orifice 3 will for example be designated AKVH 10-3.
The orifice assembly is replaceable.

The AKVH 10 valves cover a capacity range from 0.4 kW to 11 kW in refrigeration applications and 0.8 kW to 22 kW in freezing applications.

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Code no.


Inlet type

Inlet size [in]

Inlet size [mm]

Outlet type

Outlet size [in]

Outlet size [mm]

Rated cap. R744 [kW]

Kv value [m³/h]

Orifice size [mm]

MWP [bar]

068F4069 AKVH 10-1 Solder, ODF 3/8 in - Solder, ODF 1/2 in - 1,30 kW 0,010 m3/h 0,50 mm 90,0 bar
068F4070 AKVH 10-2 Solder, ODF 3/8 in - Solder, ODF 1/2 in - 2,10 kW 0,017 m3/h 0,65 mm 90,0 bar
068F4093 AKVH 10-5 Solder, ODF - 10,00 mm Solder, ODF - 12,00 mm 8,30 kW 0,064 m3/h 1,25 mm 90,0 bar

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