OFV-SS overflow valve, in stainless steel

Valves for use in environments where optimum protection of external surfaces on valves and fittings is important, e.g. for outdoor applications, in corrosive atmospheres and for food applications.
Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717(Ammonia) and R744 (CO2).
Flammable hydrocarbons are not recommended. The valve is only recommended for use in closed circuits.
Temperature range: –60 - +150°C (–76 - +302°F).
Maximum operating pressure: 52 bar g (754 psi g).
Three functions in one valve: the OFV valve combines the functions of an overflow valve, a check valve and a stop valve.
Housing material:Stainless steel, XSCrNi18-10.

Classified for: Fluid Group 1, Category: Article 3, paragraph 3
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Code no.


Conn. size [mm]

Conn. size [in]

Kv value [m³/h]

Cv value [gal/min]

MWP [bar]

MWP [psig]

148G3194 OFV-SS 20 20 mm 3/4 in 0,000 - 0,520 m3/h 0,000 - 0,600 gpm US 52,0 bar 754 psig

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