RT-E thermostat, for explosive zones

Cable connection: 2 x Pg 13.5.
Cable diameter 6 - 14 mm.
Enclosure: IP 66 to IEC 529, versions with ext. reset: IP 54.
Ambient temperature: –20 - +65°C.
Approvals: CE marked, according to EN 60947-4/-5, CE marked acc. to PED 97/23/EC category IV, safety equipment: RTE6AEW, RTE6AEB, RTE6AES, CCC, China Compulsory Certificate.
Contact material: Gold plated AgCdO.
Contact system: SPDT.
Contact load: RT-E must be used with reliable means of limiting voltage and current to prevent sparks between contact surfaces. This could be zener diodes or EX barriers.
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Code no.


Temp. range [°C]

Diff./min. range [°C]

Diff./min. range [°C]

Max. Sensor temp. [°C]

Cap. tube [mm]

Contact function

Charge type

017-512666 RT101E 25 - 90 °C 2,4 - 10,0 °C 2,4 - 10,0 °C 300 °C 2.000 mm SPDT gold Adsorption

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