MMI Interfaces for Programmable Controls

MMIGRS2 is a remote interface to the MCX family. It is fitted with a graphic display that allows a complete customization of the user interface. The connection with every unit of the MCX range is through the CANbus network. All information about the user interface is loaded inside the MCX controller; so there is no need of programming the MMIGRS2 interface. MMIGRS2 is powered from the controller it is connected to and automatically shows its user interface; but it can also show the interface of any other device connected to the same network.
MMIMYK is the advanced all-in-one device with up to three different functions: programming module, gateway, data logger.
It has a bright graphic display and a keyboard for configuring the module to run several functions. It has also a slot for a memory card (MMC) to extend the memory capacity.
MMILDS is a remote interface to the MCX family. It is fitted with a LED display for displaying data from a MCX or from 2 probes that can be locally connected. The connection with any MCX controller is through the CANbus network. MMIDLS can be powered by the MCX it is connected to.
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